"Arcane Council Trial" is a level 2 quest.

Quest Path: Homecoming -> Return to the Kingdom

Learn from: Mage Taurnik when completing the quest [2] Put to the Test.


  1. Talk to Mage Horris near the Arcane Tower
  2. Talk to Mage Gilbertus in the Arcane Tower
  3. Equip Nature Essence
  4. Talk to Mage Gilbertus
  5. Talk to Mage Lucas
  6. Read Scroll of Incinerate
  7. Talk to Mage Litha outside of the Alphex Tower
  8. Kill 5 Midgies
  9. Talk to Mage Litha
  10. Complete — learn the quest [2] Eldevin Army Trial

Rewards: Each stage rewards 89 XP.
Stage 7 rewards:

Last stage rewards:

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