Banks can be found in several towns. In a bank you can access your Stash and your Vault.

The Vault and Stash are used to store items. The difference between the two is that the Stash only stores items for the character that you are currently playing on, while the Vault is a shared storage for all characters on your account. Bound items cannot be deposited into the Vault. You can also deposit gold into the Vault, and withdraw it from any character on your account.

The Stash has 100 storage spaces and the Vault has 64. You can open up bag slots in the Stash and equip bags there to have more storage space, just like it is with the Inventory.

You will not be able to access your bank stash and vault until you have completed the quest [5] Banking and Stashing.

Eldevin City BankEdit

Location: Eldevin City


Roshaven BankEdit

Location: Roshaven


  • Juiz

Nidaros BankEdit

Location: Nidaros


  • Lewis

Mythos BankEdit

Location: Mythos


  • Nervous Clerk
  • Postmaster Cliff

Illaneska BankEdit

Location: Illaneska


  • Banker Esim
  • Assistant Bete

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