Guard Devlin

Guard Devlin


"Banking and Stashing" is a level 5 side quest. Before completing this quest you are unable to use your bank Stash and Vault.

Quest Path: Homecoming -> Exploring Eldevin City

Learn from: Murphy in the Eldevin City Bank.


  1. Speak with Guard Devlin in the Eldevin Barracks Office
  2. Go to the Golden Tankard, talk to Jovis
  3. Return to Devlin
  4. Go to Harris' house using its back door
  5. Search the house. (Under the red pillow is a Diary Key. Use this to open the diary on the desk. Read all of the three pages. Figure out the clue and turn the dial on the safe on the wall in the correct directions three times (right click on the safe to see your options). Open the safe. You will acquire a Bank Ledger and a Strongbox.
  6. Bring the items to Guard Devlin
  7. Return to Murphy
  8. Complete

Rewards: Each stage rewards 1062 XP.

  • 72 Currencybronze
  • You will be able to use your bank stash and vault

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