Benediction is a powerful Prophet ability that creates an area of Benediction lasting 6 seconds. Benediction heals all allies in that area for 210% Spell Healing over the duration.

Can be learned from a Scroll of Benediction. You can buy one from a Combat Trainer for 500 gold.

Talents that amplify Benediction:

Talent Tier Prerequisites Type Max. Points Effect
IconLastingSupplication Lasting Supplication Tier 2 None Passive Ability 2 Increases the duration of your Rejuvenate and Benediction by 3/6 seconds. Benedictions healing is also increased by 70/140% of your Spell DPS
IconDivineIntervention Divine Intervention Tier 7 None Passive Ability 2 Targets within Benediction's radius receive 15/30% less damage

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