Black Fang is the first ranged skill a Ranger learns. The skill requires an Archery Weapon (bow or crossbow) equipped and deals 145% Ranged DPS to a single target (player or creature).

Can be learned from a Scroll of Black Fang. One is given to you in stage 3 of the quest [2] Eldevin Army Trial. You can buy one from a Combat Trainer for 10 silver.

Talents that amplify Black Fang:

Talent Tier Prerequisites Type Max. Points Effect
IconCruelBarbs Cruel Barbs Tier 2 None Passive Ability 2 Increases critical chance of Black Fang by 10/20%
IconQuickDraw Quick Draw Tier 5 None Passive Ability 3 Reduces the cooldown of Black Fang by 0.5/1/1.5 seconds

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