Most items on Eldevin can be freely traded between players and transferred to your alt characters. Some items however, are "bound". When an item is bound, it means you can only use it on yourself, you can not trade it to other players and you can not place it in your bank vault. You can still sell it to NPC vendors.

There are two types of binding behavior:

  • Binds on pick-up — the item will bind instantly when you have it in your inventory.
  • Binds on equip — the item will only bind if you have equipped it at least once. Until then it remains tradeable. Many rare crafted items bind on equip, it means that one player can craft it and trade it to another player, who can then use it on themselves, but can not later trade it to anyone else.

All rare pieces of equipment typically bind one or the other way, which is what makes them rare.