Heavy armor feet equipment. (C = Crafted)

Level 4: Basic Copper Boots C

Level 5:

Level 6: Copper Chain Boots

Level 9:

Level 10:

Level 14:

Level 15: Plagued Baron Boots

Level 17:

Level 18: Crafted Bronze Plate Boots C

Level 20:

Level 22: Improved Bronze Boots C

Level 23: Heavy Boots of Permafrost

Level 24:

Level 25: Infernal Guard Boots

Level 26: Giants Toe Guard

Level 27: Bronze Light Plate Boots

Level 28: Sacred Light Plate Boots

Level 29: Impressive Bronze Boots C

Level 30: Mercenary Boots C

Level 31: Bronze Plate Boots

Level 33: Crafted Iron Plate Boots C

Level 34: Basic Iron Boots C

Level 35: Zephyr Boots

Level 36:

Level 39: Iron Chain Boots

Level 40:

Level 41:

Level 42: Iron Light Plate Boots

Level 44: Impressive Iron Boots C

Level 45:

Level 48: Crafted Silver Plate Boots C

Level 50: Plate Boots of Anguish

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