Armor Sets Edit

Level Armor Class Source
Light Medium (+Melee) Medium (+Ranged) Heavy
5 Beetle Carapace Set Othalo Guardhouse
10 Azraq Mystic Set Azraq Assassin Set Azraq Ranger Set Azraq Hunter Set The Boondocks
15 Plagued Doctor Set Vault Assassin Set Vault Keeper Set Plague Baron Set The Vault
20 Occult Set Ninja Set Woodcutters Set Steel Rage Set Ohdar Scar
25 Sriosian Priest Set Infiltrator Set Nomad Set Infernal Guard Set Secluded Valley
Garai Coliseum
30 Void Mage Set Nighthawker Set Copper Plated Leather Set Mercenary Set Crafted
35 Viridian Set Temple Rogue Set Terra Set Zephyr Set Temple of the Three
40 Forgedawn Tunics Soulguard Armor Wrathfang Leathers Battlegear Plate Terenul Rosu
45 Ancient Vestaments Void Stalker Tunics Crystalfang Leathers Colossus Set Bochdaen Tombs
Rumble's Grotto
48 Crafted Ramie Set Crafted Hard Armor Crafted Hard Leathers Crafted Silver Plate (Set) Crafted

Jewelry Sets Edit

Level Class Source
+Melee +Ranged +Sorcery
45 Brawler's Trinkets Greenwood Trinkets Spellcaster's Trinkets Crafted

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