There are a total of 45 different collectible coins — 10 Gold, 15 Silver, and 20 Copper. They can be fished out of the Fountain of Eldevin.

The chance to get a coin is ~20%, distributed as such:

  • ~2% chance to get a Gold Coin (~1 in 50)
  • ~5.3% chance to get a Silver Coin (~1 in 19)
  • ~12.7% chance to get a Copper Coin (~1 in 8)

The coins as items are not worth much, and they bind on pickup, but collecting all of them will earn you four achievements (see below).

When selling to vendors, Gold Coins are worth 2 bronze, Silver Coins 1.6 bronze, and Copper Coins 1 bronze.

Each of the coins are named after a character, and the item description is a quote from that character.

Even amongst the same type of coins, some drop more often than other. The rarest one is the King Harold Gold Coin.

With a little luck, 1000 tries should be enough to obtain The Eldevin Mint achievement (collecting all coins).


Gold CoinsEdit


Archmage Kelphar Gold CoinEdit

"Like the Army, the Council is responsible for the well-being of the citizens of Eldevin."

Cowboy Gold CoinEdit

"Rule #1 of 'Glenn Bug'... There is no 'Glenn Bug'!"

General Sterling Gold CoinEdit

"It's always a pleasure to meet those that risked their lives for King Harold."

King Harold Gold CoinEdit

"I had rather excel others in the knowledge of what is excellent, than in the extent of my power and dominion."

Major Davias Gold CoinEdit

"I enjoy the night, the darkness. Under its cloak is where I stake my thirst."

Major Eamon Gold CoinEdit

"My patience will achieve far more than my force. I'm waiting for you old friend..."

Major Magnus Gold CoinEdit

"I have a burning desire, an itch beneath my skin, I can no longer ignore it. I have unsettled business!"

Major Nevan Gold CoinEdit

"We must not indulge in the passion of anger, it will only lead to self-harm, or the ones we care about."

Major Tristan Gold CoinEdit

"The weak die out and the strong will survive. Sometimes we simply need to hurry things along."

Prince Ryan Gold CoinEdit

"None of us could have known the consequences of combining the six Spheres. One minute that King was here, the next..."

Silver CoinsEdit


Queen Fanya Silver CoinEdit

"My Dear Harold... I do hope he is OK!"

Princess Amaria Silver CoinEdit

"My impudent brother and the Arcane Council are failing to deal with my father's rescue. I'll figure this out myself!"

Colonel Knox Silver CoinEdit

"The Prince summons a lot of people, so don't go thinking you are special."

Colonel Stafford Silver CoinEdit

"Right on time as always Soldier. If we had a hundred more of you then we'd have Tristan quaking in his boots!"

Major Rothar Silver CoinEdit

"This is your training! If you wish to be taught you will do as I say!"

Telosh the Enlightened Silver CoinEdit

"Be calm, take a deep breath and tell me about it."

Archmage Rufan Silver CoinEdit

"All I ask is that you remain watchful over Eldevin in case this Plagued Doctor shows up again."

Lady Magtha Silver CoinEdit

"To put it simply, I believe that reforming the Table of Unity would give us the best chance against the Infernal Empire."

Tree Mother Silver CoinEdit

"Eldevin is a young kingdom, but one that I have high hopes for."

Raelin The Wrathful Silver CoinEdit

"The intruders have finally arrived. Dispose of them!"

Khnum the Kursed Silver CoinEdit

"None may enter the Master's Sanctum!"

Lord Horus Silver CoinEdit

"You are a disgrace to my presence mortal!"

The Shadowcaster Silver CoinEdit

"The Order of Life will pay for this! Revenge will be mine!"

Drateol Silver CoinEdit

"You don't know when to quit, do you! You are beginning to annoy me!"

Treya Silver CoinEdit

"You don't know when to quit, do you! You are beginning to annoy me!"

Copper CoinsEdit


Torrak Copper CoinEdit

"Try to keep up. We need to be quick if we're going to get out of here!"

Captain Garret Copper CoinEdit

"I like your brash attitude, I'm sure you'll make a fine soldier one day."

Mage Lucas Copper CoinEdit

"That's it my young apprentice! Unleash the power of lightning and take your place at my side!"

Mage Gilbertus Copper CoinEdit

"Magic is a very delicate and dangerous skill. IT takes a great deal of practice and persistance to master and also requires a strong psyche."

Knight Samuel Copper CoinEdit

"Don't underestimate throwing weapons either, they may look primitive but they can be just as deadly."

Mage Osrun Copper CoinEdit

"I hope I can help you on your journey to rediscovery."

Captain Calidwen Copper CoinEdit

"Dummies are good for target practice but you need a proper target before you can improve."

Chief Racketeer Copper CoinEdit

"What are you looking at? Beat it!"

Alchemist Khalen Copper CoinEdit

"Perhaps if I reverse the polarity of the magical field I can induce an inverse fluctuation."

Archmage Albright Copper CoinEdit

"You survived, didn't you? You weren't badly hurt. Think of it as a learning experience."

Captain Carter Copper CoinEdit

"I hope that being an errand boy and poster child hasn't put you off the life of a soldier."

Lyell Copper CoinEdit

"Until you fall, or choose another to take your place, that sword is yours."

High Priest Dalmont Copper CoinEdit

"Ha! Take that Shadowcaster! You can't hide from me! I'm ready for you this time!"

Stony Gaze Galim Copper CoinEdit

"Cleavius' head is ours! Don't get in the way!"

Quaestorion Malinda Copper CoinEdit

"There are rumors going around that you are from Eldevin, information like that is difficult to contain."

Enziostien Copper CoinEdit

"Take the plans, entrust them with your life. Try not to cry this time, Private."

Captain Johnston Copper CoinEdit

"Lie...why would I lie? I am a respected captain of the Eldevin Army! I should have you imprisoned for such outrageous allegations!"

Warden Teathon Copper CoinEdit

"It’s beautiful, isn't it? Eldevin, Othalo, all of it. Understand this, I did it for all of us."

General Iron Finder Copper CoinEdit

"The humans think they can stop us from destroying their precious Trees?! Fools!"

Shadow Jackel Copper CoinEdit

"In time, you may or may not find more about us."


A Penny Saved is a Penny EarnedEdit

Find all 20 of the Copper Coins. 25 Achievement Points.

Silver LiningsEdit

Find all 15 of the Silver Coins. 25 Achievement Points.

Fountains of GoldEdit

Find all 10 of the Gold Coins. 25 Achievement Points.

The Eldevin MintEdit

Complete all three previous achievements.
25 Achievement Points + 'Coin Flip' emote.

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