"Crime Doesn't Pay" is a level 18 quest.

Quest Path: Valiant of the Kingdom -> A Crimson Threat

Learn from: Chief Racketeer (?) in Junction Inn after completing [15] Food For Thought

Requires: 1 Garlic Baked Potato (requires Farming level 8 and Cooking level 8 to make from scratch; may instead be bought from other players).


  1. Search around the Crimson Macabre Stronghold for a disguise.  You can find one near the shore north of Northam Harbor.  You can return here to find another disguise.  Put on the disguise.
  2. Investigate the Stronghold and talk to the prisoner.
  3. Get a drink of water for the prisoner.  You can find a Crimson Mug on the tables outside the kitchen.  Fill it by right clicking on the bucket of water in the kitchen itself.  Give the water to the prisoner
  4. Get a Garlic Baked Potato and give it to the prisoner; he then tells you about the hijack plan
  5. Go onto the Sydelle II in Northam Harbor.  Talk to the sailor.
  6. Return to the Chief Racketeer and tell him about the plot
  7. Report to General Sterling in the Eldevin Barracks.  He gives you a fake letter of confession
  8. Plant the letter in the sleeping quarters of the Crimson Macabre Stronghold
  9. Return to the Chief Racketeer
  10. Complete

Rewards: Each stage rewards 6743 XP.

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