There are different types of currency used in Eldevin. To get an overview of all the currencies you have, open your Character window and choose the Currency tab from the bottom edge of the window.

Common currencyEdit

Gold (Currencygold), Silver (Currencysilver), and Bronze (Currencybronze) are the common currency.

  • 100 bronze = 1 silver
  • 100 silver = 1 gold

Premium currencyEdit

Eldevin Points (Eldevinpoints) (EP) are the premium currency. They can be bought with real-life money from the Hunted Cow Shop and spent on the Eldevin Market. Unbound EP can be traded between players.

Supporters receive monthly payments of EP, these points are account-bound (all of your characters can spend them but the bound EP can not be traded with others).

Artisan AwardsEdit

Artisan Awards (CurrencyArtisan) are earned when completing daily skill quests. They can be exchanged for elemental flakes with the Artisan Rewards vendor at Rivals Lounge.

Loyalty TokensEdit

Loyalty Tokens (CurrencyLoyalty) can be earned for logging in every day, for buying Eldevin Points, and for inviting friends to the game. Supporters gain 10 CurrencyLoyalty everyday rather than 5 CurrencyLoyalty for non-supporters. Loyalty Tokens can be spent in the Loyalty section of the Eldevin Market.

Relics Edit

Relics can be used to buy rare equipment and remnants (rare crafting materials) in the Champions' Hall, the Order of Life HQ or from Travelling Merchants near the relevant area. Relics can also be used to buy Fusion Powder from a Gem Supplies vendor.

Valor PointsEdit

Valor Points (CurrencyValor) are earned from participating in PvP battles and from quests in the Wilderness Wanderings quest book. They can be exchanged for certain items with the Valor Rewards vendor at Rivals Lounge and in the Eldevin Market.



  • All types of Gems at Glimmering standard for 300 CurrencyValor each



Prestige PointsEdit

Main article: Prestige Points

Prestige Points (CurrencyPrestige) can be exchanged for various Vanity items and a mount with the Prestige Rewards vendor at Rivals Lounge and in the Eldevin Market.