Eldevin Army Barracks are the headquarters of the Eldevin Army, located in the South-East corner of the City. The barracks have a ground level and a basement level.

Ground levelEdit




The basement has an entrance to the Eldevin Sewers and a portal to the Arcane Sanctum.




Solo Instance
Accessed via a door in the north-east of the Basement (only during [14] To Arms! and [14] The Root of the Matter)

Barracks QuartersEdit

Accessed via a door in the south-west of the Basement

  • Eldevin Army Liaison
  • Enziostien - first room on the right after entering. The door to the Quarters (which leads to Enziostein's room) is unlocked after Stage 15 of Meeting the Company from the A Soldier's Duty questbook.

Secret TunnelEdit

accessed through Enziostien's room

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