Eldevin Palace is a gigantic building in Eldevin City. It is best known for being a major block in the way when you need to cross the Northern half of the city. It is also home of the royal family of the Kingdom, and Prince Ryan can be found there in the throne room if you have important business with him.

Royal familyEdit


Mage Veros with the Nature Sphere

Prince Ryan is the current ruler of the Eldevin Kingdom in the absence of his father King Harold who was lost to The Void ten years ago. The Prince has a sister, Amaria, and their mother Queen Fayna is still alive but not active in the Kingdom's politics.

Prince Ryan is usually not available to talk to, but on special occasions he can be approached in the throne room of the Eldevin Palace. To be let in you must first talk to Colonel Knox who is guarding the door of the room.

Battle of the DragonsEdit

Another reason to visit the palace is to (re)experience the Battle of the Dragons. Entering the West Wing Corridor of the Palace you will find paintings of the five dragons: Blood, Ice, Fire, Light and Dark. Right-clicking on a painting will allow you to recall the battle as an archer, a mage, or a soldier, as you choose. Each of the battles has a different scenario. You can redo these battles as many times as you want to, enabling you to get the achievements for killing dragons.


Quests that can be learned or advanced in the Palace:

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