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Things to doEdit


Each and every possible ITEM should eventually have its own article. There are nearly 5000 items in the game, so this is a large task that could use all the helping hands it can get. Though maybe this isn't a top-priority task.

Gems: each type should have an article (see: Garnet, Peridot), exact item names are to be redirected to those. Most gem types still need articles.



Each and every possible creature species (or singular creature if there's just one of it, e.g. bosses and elites) (and classes of enemy faction members) should eventually have their own article.








Areas of information to cover:Edit

This is a general overview of the concepts and things in the game, so we don't forget anything.

  • NPCs
    • Factions
    • Creatures
  • Areas
    • Hidden areas
  • Items
    • equipment
    • gems
    • vanity
    • food and potions
    • special crafting components
    • rest of the stuff
  • Character
    • Attributes
    • Classes
    • Abilities
    • Talents
    • Professions
      • Gathering professions 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7
      • Crafting professions 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7
  • Quests
    • by level
    • by questbook
    • quest items
  • Information
    • Levelling/XP
    • PvP
    • Reputation
    • Achievements
    • Currencies
    • Buffs and debuffs
    • Group instances
    • Supporter
    • Bound items
    • Durability
    • Respec
    • Rested XP
    • Obelisks
    • Resurrection Points
    • Bank stash and vault
    • Trading

Generic content follows:

New to wikis?Edit

How to help outEdit

  • If you want to help but you're not sure where to start, try improving the various stub articles by adding content.
  • Another helpful activity would be to check the list of wanted pages for frequently linked-to articles that don't exist yet.
  • To follow the changes to this wiki, and to look out for new users and edits use recent changes.
  • You can find a list of useful templates on Category:Templates, some of which are documented on Eldevin Wiki:Templates.
  • If you need help editing, you could start with Help:Editing or the tutorial.

Want to discuss stuff?Edit

  • If you want to discuss anything specific to an article, you can use the talk page for that article.
  • For more general discussions you can use the Discussion tab of this page, or a Forum if the forums have been set up.

Things to doEdit

Useful activities
Other useful special pages

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