"Escaping The Void" is a level 1 quest in The Void questbook. It is the very first quest when you start playing.


Learn from: Torrak in the Void Tutorial.

Note: This tutorial quest has been replaced by The Infernal War


  1. Follow Torrak
  2. Catch up to Torrak
  3. Equip the Strange Mace
  4. Speak with Torrak
  5. Kill 4 Voidling Hatchlings while Torrak kills the Savage Voidling
  6. Throw the Strange Mace to Torrak
  7. Speak to Torrak
  8. Follow Torrak
  9. Get to the Portal
  10. Complete — the portal takes you to the newbie ring in Othalo

Rewards: Each stage rewards 61 XP.

  • 24 bronze


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