Festive Present

Festive Presents are a part of the event Icicle's End. They can be bought from Jonesy in the Glacial Plains for 500 Candy Canes each, or from the Eldevin Market for 70 EP each. One is also received as a reward for completing the quest "Icicles End".


A player wearing a Snowman Mask, Giftbringer Coat, Gift Helper Gloves, Gift Helper Leggings, and Giftbringer Boots.


A player wearing a Giftbringer Hat and White Jumper.

Opening the present will gain you 1–5 Festive Crackers and one of the following items:

Note: The Giftbringer items look like what Old Claus is wearing, and the Gifthelper items look like what Jonesy is wearing.

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