Fishing is a gathering profession. To fish you need to have a fishing rod in your inventory (given to you in an early quest) and double click on any fish shoals you find. The fish can be used in some Cooking recipes.

Fishing yield can be temporarily boosted with bait. To use bait, right click on a fish shoal and choose the bait option. Bait can be purchased from fishing utilities vendors.

Types of bait are:

  • Maggots (level 1) which give a 20% yield increase.
  • Groats (level 16) which give a 35% yield inrease.
  • Worms (level 32) which give a 50% yield increase.
  • Boilie (level 48) which give a 75% yield increase.

Note: Bait increases yield. Catching extra fish while fishing will give bonus exp.  Therefore bait increases fishing exp per min.

Apprentice Fishing TrainerEdit

Apprentice Fishing Trainers give out daily skill quests related to the Fishing profession. They can be found in the following places:

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