The Forest of Adera is divided by a river and spreads in the western and eastern half of Eldevin Kingdom.


The western section of the forest has borders with Othalo in the north, Eldevin City in the west, Cragmyst Ravine in the southwest, Forest of Adera (east) in the east and Jasperwood in the south. An entrance to the Balnamoon Hollow cave is found southwest of the center.

The quests of the Western Woes questbook take place here.





The eastern section of the forest has borders with Mythos Forest and Crannoch Mountain in the north, Adera Plains in the east, Relitho Falls in the south and Eldevin Kingdom (West) in the west. An entrance to Whispergrove Cave is found in the northeast and The Nest is found in the southern part.

The quests of the To The East questbook take place here.

Inhabitants and Locations:


Resources: same as the western part plus

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