Huntreal Plateau is a level 19+ area with an entrance to the east of Nidaros. Most quests in the area are in the Logging Camp questbook.

The area to the west of the river is mostly forest with the Lumberjack Village in the south-west. This area is relatively safe if you do not stray from the paths and mind the wild animals. There is a Dragon Handler near Lumberjack Village.

The area to the east of the river has been invaded by the Ohdar Rokfoot all of whom are aggressive.

The level 20 group instance Ohdar Scar is located in the north-east of the plateau. The only access is via Ohdar Camp in the south-east.

Western Forest Edit

Lumberjack Village Edit

  • Oaken Quercus, walks between Huntreal Watermill and Lumberjack Village
    (gives the quest [19] Neighboring Problems)
  • Dragon Handler Raymond
  • Mailbox
  • Combat Trainer, opposite the Dragon Handler
  • Chief Evergreen, walking around the village
    (gives the quest [19] Carving A Life)
  • Carol (gives the quest [19] The Forest Provides)
  • Nelson (gives the quest [19] I'm A Lumberjack)
  • Soran sells equipment, buys and repairs items
  • Huntreal Resurrection Point (keeper: Priest Varkaz)
    (gives the quest [19] Huntreal Resurrection)
  • Upstairs behind Resurrection Point:
    • Grimoire: buys items, repairs equipment, sells some profession items
    • Pyne Kohne: buys items, repairs equipment, sells some fishing-related profession items

Eastern Area Edit


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