"Icicles End" is a level 10 quest during the Icicle's End event.

Quest Path: World Events -> Icicles End

Learn from: Mage Jennifer at the Eldevin City Central Square.

Note: The following queststages may contain spoilers


  1. Use the Frozen Portal in Eldevin City
  2. Speak with Old Claus
  3. Collect 100 Candy Canes and 20 Pynwood Logs (you will get to keep the collected Candy Canes)
  4. Speak with Jonesy
  5. Use your Candy Canes to buy Festive Components from Jonesy, then create 1 Fruit Cake, 3 Mince Pies, and 3 Festive Puddings at a kitchen (one can be found outside of the Cabin), and create 3 Mulled Wine, 2 Angel's Kisses, and 1 Festive Punch at an alchemy worktable (there's one inside the Cabin). Bring the items to Old Claus.
  6. Go to the Cave of Icicles
  7. Speak with Frostfang
  8. Search for the Winter Bauble
  9. Defeat the Corrupt Ice Elemental
  10. Collect the Winter Bauble
  11. Return the Winter Bauble to Frostfang
  12. Return to Old Claus
  13. Complete

Rewards: Each stage rewards 2404 XP.

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