Longshore is a long stretched area in Eldevin Kingdom (East), divided by Crannoch Harbor.
It's northern part is located between Mythos and the shoreline, the southern part between Crannoch Mountain and the coast.

Longshore NorthEdit


Northern part

There are paths to Vestor Fields in the north, gates to Mythos in the west and Crannoch Harbor in the south. Entrance to the Crannoch Mountain Gauntlet in the rocks near Mythos.


at the East Southern Gate of Mythos (Rested XP area)

Entrance of Crannoch GauntletEdit

enter first from the other entrance, to start the questline


Longshore SouthEdit


Southern part

Paths to Crannoch Harbor in the north, Crannoch Mountain in the west and Adera Plains and Bochdaen Cathedral in the south.
Entrance to the Longshore Pothole near Bochdaen Cathedral.



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