Melee Attack

Every player starts the game with the Melee Attack. This is your most basic attack. You can use Melee Attack with any 1h or 2h weapon, including staves, or even with your bare fists if no weapon is equipped.

Talents that amplify basic Melee Attack:

Talent Tier Prerequisites Type Max. Points Effect
IconCrusade Crusade Tier 5 None Passive Ability 3 Increases critical hit chance with melee attacks by 1/2/3% and your basic Melee attacks restore 1% total mana
IconMarauder Marauder Tier 3 None Passive Ability 2 Your basic Melee attacks restore 0.5/1% of your maximum mana and 0.25/0.5% of your maximum health
IconEndurance Endurance Tier 5 None Passive Ability 2 Increases your mana regeneration by 40/80% and your basic melee attack regenerates 10/20 mana