"Nature's Renew" is a level 11 quest.

Quest Path: Arcane Council Path -> Curing the Plagued

Learn from: completing the quest [8] Test the Waters. Then speak to Alchemist Khalen to receive the quest.


  1. Speak to Archmage Rufan
  2. Speak to Trephaer in Evernight Grove
  3. Gather one Forest Fungus from the area and proceed to rake one plot near Trephaer
  4. Return Trephaer's Branch to Archmage Rufan
  5. Ask Prince Ryan for a Nature Orb
  6. Return to Archmage Rufan with the Nature Orb
  7. Bring the Branch Staff Frame and the Nature Orb to Alchemist Khalen
  8. Cure 20 Rabid Plagued on the third level of the Sewers
  9. Speak to Alchemist Khalen to tell him the Staff works
  10. Return to Archmage Rufan
  11. Complete

Rewards: Each stage rewards 2728 XP.

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