Nidaros is a town located in the south-eastern part of Eldevin Kingdom. In the West it is bordered with Fort Piregarde, in the North-West with Adera Plains, in the North with the Bochdaen Cathedral and in the North-East with Kasambra Pass. In the East it has entrances to Huntreal Plateau and Nidaros Ancestral Cave. The general area around the town is most suitable to players of at least level 18.

Trivia: Nidaros is the ancient name of Trondheim, Norway


NPCs outside buildingsEdit

Bulletin Board and MailboxEdit

at central square

Nidaros Resurrection PointEdit

Jotan's SmithyEdit

Marisa's HouseEdit

The Flayed DragonEdit

Professor Heinrich's LabEdit

Nidaros BankEdit

Crafted MattersEdit

Cut 'n' StitchEdit

Gimlin's AbodeEdit

De Valle's HouseEdit

Shopping DelightEdit

The Drunken Monkey TavernEdit

Nidaros FarmEdit

Nidaros Farm

Nidaros MinesEdit


Nidaros Farm StoreEdit

Nidaros Farm Store is a small building located to the South of the Nidaros Farm. It is not marked on the map. There are three Sack of Sweet Blueberries and one Sack of Nidaros Parsley inside, which are needed for the [18] Market Festival quest.

Nidaros ArenaEdit

In the north-west of Nidaros.  Go there for [18] Show of Strength and [18] Defending the Title.

Nidaros Ancestral CaveEdit

Burial chambers south-east of Nidaros.

Sack of Sweet Blueberries and Sack of Nidaros Parseley

Inside the Nidaros Farm Store