Osrun's Magics is located in Arcane Sanctum, which can be found in Eldevin City near the south-east gate.

From the entrance portal follow the stairs down and towards the centre of the Sanctum. The shop is behind the Combat Trainer, near the Arcane Council Portal.

Here you can buy Essences and Staves ranging from level 2 to level 27. You can also sell items.

Equipment for saleEdit

Category ITEM Level Price (silver)
Essences Nature Essence 2 2.73
Essences Blood Essence 12 142.59
Essences Dark Essence 17 362.67
Essences Ice Essence 22 743.61
Essences Light Essence 27 1335.81
Staves Short Staff 3 8.75
Staves Long Staff 6 44.45
Staves Crooked Staff 11 197.75
Staves Crescent Staff 15 380.10
Staves Spiked Rock Staff 23 1360.10
Staves Northam Battle Staff 27 2226.35