Othalo is a large settlement to the east of Eldevin City. The area is most suitable for player levels 2–4, although it is often frequented by players of higher levels.

Various workers in the area give new players their first skill quests to learn gathering professions. (There are, however, no Apprentice Trainers in Othalo.) All starter-level gatherable resources can be found in Othalo.

Othalo is bordered in the North with Northam, in the West with Eldevin City which can be accessed through its East-North Gate, in the South with the Forest of Adera which can be accessed through a narrow pathway in the mountains, and in the East with the East half of Eldevin Kingdom.


Newbie ringEdit

All new players spawn in Othalo in a secluded area (seen as a ring in the bottom right corner of the map) after they escape The Void. Here they are greeted by an Order of Life Priest who gives them a brief explanation about what has happened, and gives them their next quest. Nearby is a small secluded training area where Captain Martel and Knight Samuel of the Eldevin Army and Mage Taurnik of the Arcane Council give new people their first basic training quests (Basic Melee, Basic Archery, Basic Magic, Put to the Test). Right before the bridge that connects the newbie area to the rest of Othalo, stands another Order of Life Priest (learn quests: [2] A History Lesson, [2] Arcane Council Trial).

Arcane TowerEdit

Main article: Arcane Tower

In the Arcane Tower there's a portal to the Alphex Void.

Near the tower is the Othalo Obelisk.

Othalo Fishing HutEdit

Here you can find Julian, Tobias, and Sid, and buy Fishing goods.

Othalo MarketEdit

At this small market place you'll find:

Othalo Resurrection PointEdit

Othalo MineEdit

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Othalo Mine is an underground area with many deposits of Copper Ore, Coal, and Amethyst Quartz.

Lyell's BlacksmithEdit

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The Intrepid OwlEdit

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Scholar's HouseEdit

Scholar Farlin lives here. You talk to him in the quest [2] A History Lesson.

Othalo FarmEdit

Inside the Othalo Farmhouse you can find a kitchen, a textile mill, and a tanning rack.

Outside you can find farming plots, a compost box, and farmers.


Across the street from the well you can find Forager Ralph (quests [4] Foraging (quest), [30] Going Postal).

Othalo Guard HouseEdit

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Othalo PassEdit

Othalo Pass is an area on the west side of the row of mountains that run through the middle of Othalo. In the Othalo Pass you can find:

Northern OthaloEdit

In this forest area north of the Othalo Guard House you'll find the entrances to


All of the starting-level resources for gathering can be found in Othalo (but not only here).

ForagingGreen Apple Trees and Lime Trees can be found in all forested areas in Othalo. Weeds grow there too, and can also be found in the Beetle Cave. Void Mushrooms grow around the Arcane Tower and in the Alphex Void.

ForestryPynwood Trees can be found in most forested areas here.

Fishing — Several Stickleback Shoals can be found in the water near the Fishing Hut and around the Arcane Tower.

Farming — Farming can be done in the Othalo Farm, and the necessary seeds bought from the farmers there. There is no level requirement for growing Jute, Wheat, and Basil.

Skinning — The Wild Pigs can be skinned with no level requirement (in all other cases, the creature's level corresponds to the Skinning level you must have in order to skin them).

Prospecting — the Othalo Mine holds many deposits of Copper Ore and Coal.

Crystal CuttingAmethyst Quartz can also be found in the Othalo Mine.