Overload is a Mage's first multi-target skill. It zaps the first target for 175% Magic DPS and then arcs to up to two more targets (no more than 5 yards away) causing 30% less damage each time. It has a 1.5 seconds cast time and can target both players and creatures.

Can be learned from a Scroll of Overload. One is given to you during the quest [5] Advanced Magic. (Should you somehow manage to lose it, you can buy one from a Combat Trainer for 25 silver.)

Talents that amplify Overload:

Talent Tier Prerequisites Type Max. Points Effect
IconOverpowered Overpowered Tier 2 None Passive Ability 2 The damage of your Overload is increased by 20/40% Spell DPS and increases the maximum number of targets to 4/5
IconStaticDischarge Static Discharge Tier 2 None Passive Ability 2 Your Overload applies Static Discharge for 12 seconds. Static Discharge slows the target by 15/30% and increases your offensive spell critical strike chance on the target by 4/8%

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