Completing quests is the primary activity in Eldevin. Quests can be learned from various places, and most of them have a level requirement.

Story quests start with "The Infernal War" and continue with quests in the Return to the Kingdom questbook. Other quests and questbooks will be found along the way. In-game you can use the Q key to see your quest journal and questbook library.

People and items associated with quests have an exclamation point (indicating that a quest can be learned) or a question mark (indicating that a quest can be advanced) above them. The color of the exclamation point or question mark depends on the type of the quest. There are five different types of quests:

  • Story quests – yellow. These are the main quests that advance the storyline.
  • Side quests – green. These quests are not necessary to advance in the game, but are useful for the experience(and the fun, of course).
  • Skill quests – blue. These quests are related to professions.
  • Group quests – orange. These quests can only be advanced while running a group instance.
  • Elite quests – red. Elite quests typically involve defeating boss-rank creatures.


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