Scroll of Resurrect

Resurrect is one of the first abilities you learn. It allows you to resurrect a killed player, as long as the player hasn't already chosen to respawn at a Resurrection Point. To resurrect a player, select their dead body and use Resurrect. It will take some seconds. The dead player will be given an option to accept or decline the resurrection.

The ability can be learned from a Scroll of Resurrect, which is given to you upon completion of the quest [2] Arcane Council Trial. Can also be bought from a Combat Trainer for 10 silver.

The ability is categorized as a Prophet ability, but most players will have it learned since it was a quest reward. If you happen to be killed somewhere where there are other players around and the environment isn't overly hectic or hostile, it's a good idea to wait a little and see if anyone will resurrect you. Any player who intends to ever play in a group should get this skill.

Talents that amplify Resurrect:

  • Life Breather

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