Rupture is a damage-over-time Assassin ability. Its effect is similar to the Bleed caused by Lacerate, but more powerful: the Ruptured effect deals a target 20% Melee DPS every second for 10 seconds (for a total of 200% Melee DPS in that interval.)

Can be learned from a Scroll of Rupture. You can buy one from a Combat Trainer for 50 silver.

Talents that amplify Rupture:

Talent Tier Prerequisites Type Max. Points Effect
IconDevastatingImpact Devastating Impact Tier 2 None Passive Ability 2 Your Rupture deals 25/50% of it's overall damage on impact
IconSerratedEdge Serrated Edge Tier 3 None Passive Ability 3 Increases the damage over time of your Lacerate, Sear and Rupture by 5/10/15% when you have a throwing weapon equipped
IconAnatomy Anatomy Tier 4 None Passive Ability 1 Rupture and Lacerate now slow the affected target by 10%
IconBloodThirst Blood Thirst Tier 6 None Passive Ability 1

Lacerate, Rupture and Torture apply one stack of Blood Thirst to you

Blood Thirst stacks can be consumed to unleash powerful abilities. Lasts 12 seconds

IconHungerForBlood Hunger for Blood Tier 8 1/1 Blood Thirst Passive Ability 1 Your critical strikes with Lacerate, Rupture and Torture generate an extra stack of Blood Thirst

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