Status effects are temporary effects on your attributes or stats. They can be either beneficial (buffs) or damaging (debuffs). Buffs can be acquired in many different ways, debuffs are typically inflicted by an enemy during combat.

You can see all your current status effects as icons at the top left corner of the screen. The status effects of creatures and other players can be seen at the top middle of the screen when you have the creature or player selected. To see more information about effects, hover over the icons with your cursor.

Player buffs Edit

  • Alphex Obelisk Blessing – +5% max mana for 60 minutes
  • Othalo Obelisk Blessing – +5% max health for 60 minutes
  • Northam Obelisk Blessing – +5% armor for 60 minutes
  • Other Obelisk-given buffs can be seen here: Obelisks


  • Death's Door – -80% to base Attributes, -75% to experience gain
  • Poison
  • Bleed
  • Panicked  -5% to melee, ranged and sorcery
  • Exhausted -5% to ranged
  • Snared - cannot move for a small number of seconds


  • Silenced
    • Player cannot use chat. given as a penalty for breaking rules in chat.
  • Deserter
    • Player has left a group or PvP queue and cannot queue untill this is gone.

Creature buffs Edit

  • (neutral) Tagged – tagged by a certain player or group and will not grant loot or experience to any other player
  • Battle Veteran – immune to incapacitating and movement-impairing effects
  • Ice Resistance – damage taken from Ice spells reduced by 20%


  • Fire Weakness – susceptible to damage from Fire spells

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