Sticklebacks are fish. They are components in some Cooking recipes.

Uses: Cooking:



Sticklebacks can be fished from Stickleback Shoals, which can be found in and near Eldevin City, Othalo, and also on the coast of Northam and Northam Harbor.

  • Smuggled Stickleback can be gathered on Trapper's Atoll and traded for Stickleback with the Smuggled Goods Vendor. They stack up to 999 pcs.
  • Can also be bought from the FIshmonger in Eldevin City, next to the well which is next to the port.

Catches needed:

~700 fish will level you from 1-8 with rod equipped(1-3 catches / rod use) XP at fishing varies a lot i got from 30-40 xp within the same level, as i think the time for a catch also varies - its not always 5 seconds sometimes 4 sometimes 6 (and between)

Rod Equipped: 30-38 xp / catch - 8 seconds

Rod Unequipped: 32-44 xp / catch - 10 seconds

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