There are no character classes in Eldevin, however, there are Talent Trees which work in the Particular archetypes. The base difference between them is the character's damage output vs. defense balance. Characters can capitalize on their strengths by wearing archetype-appropriate armor and weapons, but there are no restrictions to equipping items in regard to your talent tree choices.

Also there are few restrictions in using talents and abilities. So a Melee-type can cast a fireball if one wants to. Although he won't be as powerful as a Magic wielder casting a fireball, one can still do it. This gives you options regarding your style of gameplay.

You can also experiment with hybrid classes. Changing your class in the middle of the game is as simple as equipping different items, and using respec to reset your attribute points and talent points and re-assigning them to best suit your new class.

The Archetypes:Edit

  • ClassiconTemplar Templar: (Tank) This class can draw enemies and take their damage.
  • ClassiconWarrior Warrior: (Melee Damage) Allows you to take down multiple targets.
  • ClassiconAssassin Assassin: (Melee Damage) Mastery of quick damage and damage over time.
  • ClassiconRanger Ranger: (Ranged Damage) Specializes in shooting with bows with powerful abilities.
  • ClassiconMage Mage: (Spell Damage) Can use powerful magical spells to deal large amounts of damage.
  • ClassiconProphet Prophet: (Healer) Heals your allies with powerful spells.

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