195x152 class header templar

Favored Attribute: Melee

Melee Slots: one-handed weapon and shield

Ranged Slot: throwing weapon

Preferred Armor: Heavy

Abilities: List of Templar abilities


The templar tree focuses on abilities regarding the generation of threat, defense, and the usage of shields and one-handed weapons. Although it is universally accepted that the Templar tree is the starting point for any effective tank build (barring certain extremely specialized builds used to farm Crannoch Castle bosses), an overwhelming number of tanks in Eldevin incorperate abilities from other classes into their designs to improve defense, grant health-regeneration abilities, or improve their damage output. The templar tree is unique in that it is the only tree that includes upgrades to shield-based abilities and taunts, meaning that any build that wishes to make use of an upgraded Taunt or a Shield with improved functionality must invest talent points into this tree. Talents and passives found in the templar tree are overwhelmingly focused towards area-of-effect threat generation, crowd control, and damage control, as is fitting for a tree that revolves around tank classes.