The Barren Trail is a desert area, accessible through a route in Northern Northam. It is most appropriate for player levels 8–9. Quest-givers and other people from several factions can be found here, as well as an entrance to the group instance The Boondocks.

The story quests of the area begin with "Under Construction", a level 9 quest learned from the Bulletin Board. The quests of the area are in the Uninvited Guest questbook. The area has a level requirement of 8.

Locations Edit


  • Eldevin Kingdom (West) — in the South-West corner of the area.
  • The Boondocks — a level 10 group instance, the entrance can be found near the end of the Eastern half of The Barren Trail.
  • Azraq Desert — found after crossing the Weak Bridge in the Northern area.



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