"The Blade that was Broken" is a level 11 quest.

Quest Path: Eldevin Army Path -> Culling the Plagued

Learn from: Major Rothar after completing the quest [8] The Missing Patrol.


  1. Find Tralek in the Nidaros Mines
  2. Bring Tralek 10 Copper Bars. You are given Dark Iron Ore
  3. Bring the Ore to Major Rothar
  4. Speak to Garl in Garl's Jewelry
  5. Talk to Peter in his house in Southern Eldevin City
  6. Go to the Eldevin Palace, speak to Colonel Knox. Enter the Throne Room and speak to Prince Ryan. You are given a Nature Orb
  7. Go speak to Major Rothar
  8. Go speak to Palak in Slice 'n' Dice. Give him the Orb. You are given the Blade of Mercy
  9. Go speak to Major Rothar
  10. Kill 20 Rabid Plagued (it doesn't matter what weapons you have equipped, as long as you have the Blade of Mercy in your inventory)
  11. Return to Major Rothar
  12. Complete

Rewards: Each stage rewards 2408 XP.

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