The Boondocks is a level 10 group instance. The entrance can be found at the south-east corner of The Barren Trail.

Story mode can be done solo starting at level 9 (the level required to unlock the instance). Dungeon mode, whilst intended for completion by a group, can be done solo at around level 20. This area is popular due to the fact that the final boss has a chance at dropping a Lesser Elemental Flake.

Related QuestsEdit



Cleavius (part 1)

Boss Encounters:Edit

  • Cleavius (part 1) - level 10 Elite mammal with 15000 HP
  • Stony Gaze Galim - level 10 Elite human member of Hunters Guild with 20400 HP
  • Cleavius (part 2) - level 10 Elite mammal with 21900 HP, who can spawn 2 Juvenile Calgorn minions each with 1675 HP



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