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Trapper's Atoll is an island off the West coast of Eldevin Kingdom. It can be accessed at level 14 from the Harbor district of Eldevin City, by talking to the Wildlands Veteran at the Docks.

After arriving, enter the Portal to enter the PvP-Area.

The island is a player-vs-player area. You will find Token Chests where you can get tokens from, and PvP altars where you can deposit the tokens. Depositing tokens will earn you the same amount of Valor Points. However, if you are killed by another player while holding tokens, the other player will get your tokens, and you will be resurrested in the Trapper's Village, which is the only safe zone on Trapper's Atoll. Players who are still holding their tokens will be shown with green sparkles around them.

Depositing Tokens will also earn you good reputation with The Wilds.

Inhabitants: Your only natural enemies on Trapper's Atoll are other players, and the Elite Demon Plasma Lord (level 45) in the south-eastern part of the atoll.

In Trapper's Village you'll find

  • Smuggled Goods trader
  • Valor Rewards trader

Resources: There are nodes for all gatherable items from level 16 to 32, but only in smuggled form. Even smuggled gold is obtainable.

You have to trade the smuggled items 1:1 with the Smuggled Goods Vendor.
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