"Up To No Good" is a level 20 quest.

Quest Path: Valiant of the Kingdom -> A Crimson Threat

Learned from: Racketeer Kurt in Junction Inn, after completion of the quest [18] Crime Doesn't Pay.


  1. Go into the Crimson Macabre Stronghold (while wearing a Crimson Macabre Shirt). Go into their kitchen and swap a sack of potatoes with Kurt's Sack of Coal.
  2. Contaminate a barrel of water with Vinegar. (Buy 10 bottles of Vinegar from any Cooking components vendor.)
  3. Put Maggots in a pot of flour. (You will need 1 unit of Maggots, it is a common drop from some creatures but can also be bought from a Fishing utilities vendor.)
  4. Return to Racketeer Kurt
  5. Acquire 6 Tuna and hide them in the Stronghold. (If you don't have the required Fishing level to catch Tuna, you can buy it from other players. You can hide the fish behind the hanging Crimson Macabre Flags in the Stronghold by clicking on them.  Only the first flag may be shown by the quest marker.  See below if you have trouble finding the flags.)
  6. Return to Racketeer Kurt
  7. Collect 3 Ectoplasm from Ghost Monks near the Cursed Tower; 6 Spiderling Eggs from Spiderlings in Cragmyst Woods; buy a Timid Scarecrow from a Farming equipment vendor. Return to the Stronghold and find the sleeping quarters. Smear Ectoplasm on the paintings on the walls, and put the Spiderling Eggs in the beds.
  8. Put a Timid Scarecrow in the bedroom closet
  9. Return to Racketeer Kurt
  10. Complete

Rewards: Each stage rewards 7783 XP.

Flag Locations:

  • By the entrance to the Stronghold
  • By the door to the Meeting Room
  • In the Sleeping Quarters
  • On the outside wall of the Kitchen opposite the tables
  • 2 by the door to Level 2

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