Vindicate is a Templar ability, though also useful for anyone else who chooses to have a shield equipped. Vindicate deals 135% Melee DPS to the enemy (player or creature) and applies the Vindicated effect for 12 seconds. Vindicated increases your damage on the target by 4%. At most 3 Vindicated effects can be stacked on a target.

Learned from a Scroll of Vindicate. One is given to you in stage 8 of the quest [2] Eldevin Army Trial. You can also buy one from a Combat Trainer for 10 silver.

Talents that amplify Vindicate:

Talent Tier Prerequisites Type Max. Points Effect
IconVindicator Vindicator Tier 3 None Passive Ability 3 Increases the damage bonus from each stack of Vindicated by 2/3/4%