195x152 class header warrior

Favored Attribute: Melee

Melee Slots: Two-handed weapons

Ranged Slot: Throwing weapon

Preferred Armor: Heavy

Abilities: List of Warrior abilities


Clad in heavy armor and wielding a large two-handed weapon, the Warrior wants to deal as much damage a possible, so Ranged and Sorcery are best completely ignored as Vitality and Melee should take up the most of your point allocation. Although only a fool will ignore Focus, as critical hits can mean the difference between life and death in a tough fight. The Warrior uses Ruin to strike an enemy twice with their large two-handed weapon. This ensures the damage output is high even with such a slow weapon. Then with Bloodbath, a skill that strikes multiple enemies, coupled with the large damage dealing ability Bane, the Warrior is a formidable force. Tip:Warrior is very good in dungeons because he has much aoe attacks like Meteorite and Mealstorm and he can good endurance !!!