"Wrath of the Beastmen" is a level 10 group instance quest in the Eldevin Arena questbook.

The quest can be repeated as often as you like. It can be attempted solo from (probably) level 20, but you might find that you need to be higher than this to succeed.

The challenge is to defeat successive waves of enemies that become progressively more powerful.  Most waves consist of Goatman Bowmen and Goatman Warriors but Wave 4 and Wave 8 consist of a single, more powerful opponent.

Learn from: Eldevin Arena Master outside Eldevin Arena who will transfer you inside the arena itself.

Speak to: Eldevin Arena Master inside the Arena when you are ready to start.


  1. Defeat the first wave of 4 Goatmen
  2. Defeat the second wave of Goatmen
  3. Defeat the third wave of Goatmen. Speak to the Eldevin Arena Master to continue to the next wave
  4. Defeat the fourth wave - a single, more powerful opponent
  5. Defeat the fifth wave of Goatmen
  6. Defeat the sixth wave of Goatmen
  7. Defeat the seventh wave of Goatmen. Speak to the Eldevin Arena Master to continue to the next wave
  8. Defeat the eight wave - a single, more powerful opponent

Rewards: Each stage rewards 858 XP.

  • 2.62 silver
  • 3 Prestige Points
  • Small Bag of Coins
  • After finishing the quest a Rare Chest (like the ones that spawn in the dungeons after killing a boss) spawns in the middle of the room. It contains random equipment loot including Rare equipment.

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